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NoNoise Shoot Hearing Protection
  • NoNoise Shoot hearing protection

Description: The NoNoise Shoot is part of the NoNoise series, the new generation in hearing protection. By using NoNoise Shoot, you can protect yourself from loud peak noises, such as from shot guns or rifle guns during the hunt. These hard peak noises can directly cause damage to your ears. The NoNoise Shoot mutes these peak noises to a non-injurious level. They are specially designed for shooting sports and hunters, but can also be used when letting off fireworks for example. The voice frequency remains audible, which allows you to keep having a normal conversation and keep hearing the sounds from nature.


Minimum distortion, normal conversation is still possible

Highest accuracy

Perfect fit

No allergy or skin irritation (silicon free, hypoallergetic)

No closure of the ear canal

Long durability

Patented and tested, approved by the IFA and DGUV

Additional Information

Color Green


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